Room 3, Level 7
37 Swanston Street
Nicholas Building Melbourne 3000

The powers that be

9 Sep–1 Oct 2022
Alex Hobba, Ben Raynor, Victoria Todorov

The powers that be turns to the group populists oppose to the people: the elite. But who exactly are “the elite”? Are they intellectuals, billionaires, academics, those born to rule, the professional-managerial class, the chosen ones, the ‘so-called’ experts? Or are the elite just an invention, an image drawn up to reveal a competing idea of the people, a mere political category used to sharpen the weapons of populism?

This exhibition enlists the elite to tell us about power and value in art and society. These newly commissioned works address topics as diverse as the religious (or pseudo-religious) motivations for almsgiving; dynastic media empires and financial powers; and the luxury trappings of linear time.

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Artist talk
In conversation with Nicholas Mangan, Alex Hobba & Ben Raynor

99% is delighted to invite you to join Ben Raynor and Nicholas Mangan about Raynor’s and Hobba’s newly commissioned works for the exhibition, The powers that be.

99% | 2-3pm Saturday, 8 October 2022
Room 3, Level 7
The Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street

Opening of The powers that be

Please join us for the opening of The powers that be, a group exhibition featuring works by Alex Hobba, Ben Raynor and Victoria Todorov.

99% | 6–8pm, Friday, 9 September 2022
Room 3, Level 7
37 Swanston St
The Nicholas Building
Melbourne 3000